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If I were to guess the top questions or objections you would have about signing up to be a Growth Bomb Elite member today they would be…

  • Q.What happens if I don’t find value in the content?

    A.I am super confident you will find MUCH more value than the small monthly investment, but if for some reason the content is not valuable to you, you can cancel at any time. There is no minimum monthly commitment.

  • Q.Can’t I just find this information other places on the internet for free?

    A.No. I have put together the most concise, action oriented material that will help you get results fast. The point of Growth Bomb Elite is to not only provide you with strategies and content that can help you see results fast, it also provides you with a community of other successful professionals who are there to hold you accountable and keep pushing you to accomplish your goals.

  • Q.But Jenna, I don’t have time!

    A.One of the benefits GBE is that the material is purposely formatted in a concise, action focused way. I know you are busy with work, family, fun and the many other things that can pop in to your life throughout the day- so the material in GBE can be reviewed and acted on in only a few hours per month.  If you are serious about your success- time commitment in this program should not be a factor.


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You need to take action right NOW because the GB Elite Beta Launch will only be accepting 50 charter members who will receive bonus content, be able to give direct input in order to mold GB Elite into the most value packed community for emerging leaders and will be the only people who will lock in the lowest GB Elite price of $19.99 a month. And let’s be honest- people who reach the highest levels of success don’t wait around for things to happen- they take action. With no risk for the first month, being a part of GB Elite should be a no-brainer. If you work for an organization that supports your professional and personal development, chances are that they will even be willing to cover the cost! Still thinking about it?


I want you to be completely without risk, so here is my guarantee:

If you don’t find value in the content for your first month I will refund 100% of your payment. After the first month, you can cancel at any time.


Here is what a few other clients have said about working with me and the content I provide…

"After using your strategies and advice I met with various people whom I admire as well as people

who I have had challenges. As a direct result my career has changed almost instantly. I now have more

stretch assignments to learn and demonstrate leadership, and most importantly my employer has given

me additional support to advance my career in a direction I am really excited about! You changed my life!”

David Princeton, M3 Insurance

"My first step was to google Jenna and find the Work with Me section of her website.I was in.
After a couple emails, I found myself tackling some seemingly simple questions about my
short and long-term goals. I began joining meaningful organizations, expanding my "circle
of influence," gained exposure to thought leaders, and positioned myself to be able to jump
at any compelling employment opportunity that came my way. I accepted a new opportunity
within hours of my previous employer deciding to file for bankruptcy. As I sit here writing this
in a fabulous flat in Paris on my first real vacation in 3 years, I know my life would look very
different at this moment had I not encountered Jenna and decided to work with her.”

Jessica Reilley, Dean Health

When it comes to motivating and leading people I can think of no better mentor then Jenna
Atkinson. She has her finger on the pulse of the Madison community while simultaneously
listening to top national trends in business.
Since working with Jenna I have seen so many more doors open in my career and I feel as
though I am a more rounded and effective professional. If you are considering working with
Jenna I would suggest bringing your A game and be ready to hit the ground running. Things
will change quickly butas long as you are ready then you will see benefits beyond compare.” 

Ryan Birkicht, Saris Cycling Group

There is no better time than now to start taking the steps to bring your career, life and business to the next level of success.  What are you waiting for?! Be one of the first 50 people to join this awesome community NOW before the spaces are filled to get added bonus resources and lock in the lowest possible price. Make the commitment and investment in yourself today and let’s get rolling!

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