Not only do I want to teach you how to be more successful in your career, I want to show you how you can be more fulfilled and successful in your life by giving back to others.

Although I don’t necessarily agree with a lot of the stereotypes about Millennials, there is one that I think is spot on. Millennials, including myself, care about giving back to their community and making a positive impact on the world. According to the 2014 Millenial Impact Report by Achieve, over 47% of Millennials surveys said they had volunteered for a cause or nonprofit in the past month and over 87% had donated money toward a nonprofit in the past year. For growing up and graduating into one of the most difficult economies in decades, I’d say that figure shows a lot.

Let’s work together to make the next generation of successful business leaders well equipped with the skills needed to make a huge positive impact on the world.

You in?